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If you still haven’t read Tips for Canadians investing in rental properties in United  States, I highly recommend you to read it first.

I got quite a few message regarding how to choose between LLC and LLP. I decided to add a post regarding this to answer all the questions at once.

Both LLC and LLP are business structures in the United States. They both provide liability to an extend, but in a different way.

Here is a table listed the highlight of LLC and LLP.

formed by people who want to put some   money together to have a business running formed by mostly professionals, such as doctor, lawyer
can be run by either members or elected   officials run by partners
can be taxed either like partnership or   like corporation taxed like partnership
protect personal assets against lawsuits   against the company protect partners from mistake of another partner

For the sake of real estate holding and operating, we should choose LLC instead of LLP. Remember, LLC can be formed with only one member or more. Do not confuse LLC with multiple members with LLP.


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