Speak up for yourself and earn some respect

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If you still haven’t read Step 1 – Plan ahead. Imagine where you are when you retire, I highly recommend you to read it first.

speak for yourself

speak for yourself

 If you want other people to respect you, you will have to earn it.

If you do not speak up for yourself, people consider you stupid, and they will keep beating you. This is the conclusion I get from my experience.

For example, my TV provider Rogers keep charging me more and more for what I do not need. They try to phase out analog and force everyone to use digital. The reason is not because the quality is better (at least not for my TV), but because they can make more money from it. You need to rent a digital box from them to see more TV stations, that you do not really see. I do not watch TV while my father only watch one particular channel. If you do not speak up for yourself, they automatically assume you are stupid and force you to use the digial TV service.

This rule apply to many other aspect of our daily lives. For example, most people choose to accept MPAC’s property assessment value even though they know in their heart that MPAC over estimate the value by tens of thousands. Some people choose to file an appeal with ARB but in the end, they choose not to attend in the court because they are too scare to speak up for themselves in the court. The average courage level of the population is going to go lower nowadays with all the youngsters communicate to each other through Internet instead of face to face.

Some people respect intelligent individuals, but no one know that you are smart unless you stand up and speak for yourself. It is like a boxer keep practicing different kinds of punches with a boxing bag, and he mastered all the punches. However, without real life fighting experience, the fear of being punch will overcome all his skills and he will loss to his own fear.

You need to speak for yourself when you making offering to purchase your rental income property; you need to speak for yourself when you negotiate your mortgage rate. Unless you learn to communicate with other people properly, you can never be a real investor.


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