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If you still haven’t read MPAC – Property Assessment and Tax, MPAC – The Wolf in Red Riding Hood or Fighting Assessment with MPAC, I highly recommend you to read it first.

After you filed an appeal with MPAC, it is important to know what kind of tricks they can play on you in order to avoid it. After you filed an appeal with MPAC, try your best to get into the pre hearing stream instead of the direct hearing. Pre Hearing stream give you a chance to request some important information from MPAC before you head into the final hearing. Usually pre hearing is for some higher value properties such as a mall, etc. However, if you try hard enough, you can eventually get yourself into the pre hearing stream.

MPAC absolute hate pre hearing because they feel threat from it and it is a lot more work for them. They will try everything they can to avoid heading into pre hearing. Keep in mind that MPAC is not your friendly neighbourhood. They do not follow the rules and they play dirty.

Here are some tricks that MPAC can play:

They can call you and pretend to be friendly and try to talk you out of the pre hearing. Do not fall for the trick! Pre hearing is not easy to come by, do not waste your effort. Do not try to settle with them on the phone. They do not honor what they said. They may record the phone conversation for their benefit, not yours. If you agree to cancel the pre hearing on the phone. They may use it as evidence from their recording. They will try to rush you to agree by giving you a low ball offer and say if you do not accept the offer now, they will withdraw it. Again, do not fall for it. You deserve what you request for. Nothing less.

Every agreement between you and MPAC has to be on writing. Do not accept oral agreement. They do not honor it and it is really difficult to enforce it. You also need to prepare for the pre hearing really well. Make sure you know what rule are you relying on because the chair person in the pre hearing will most likely not know about the rules. You are going to need to remind them.

Not until you give MPAC enough trouble will MPAC take you seriously and start to consider giving you a more reasonable assessment.

Good luck.

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