Should the government babysit the citizens?

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Should the government babysit the citizens?

Should the government babysit the citizens?

Recently, I read about the proposal from Dr. David McKeown who suggested to reduce the city speed limit. He is suggestion to reduce the speed limit by as much as 20 km/h because pedestrians are far less like to be killed for every 10 km/h reduction below 10 km/h. There is a question always in my mind. Should the government baby sit all the citizens just because some citizen cannot manage themselves?

For example, in this case, Dr. David McKeown is suggesting to reduce the city limit. Does the problem always on the driver’s end? There was one time when I was driving during the night. A teenager was riding his bike right across the road without even turning his head to check the traffic. There is no light on his bike and I almost crushed him. He was lucky that I stopped in time. It may be true that if the city speed is lowered, more people will be able to stop in time to prevent a collision with the bike. However, this kind of solution just doesn’t feel right. I think we should go to the bottom of the problem to solve it instead of using some half baked solution. The pedestrians should be educated so that they will check the traffic before they cross a road.

The pedestrians now just feel that they are the king of the road and hence they can do whatever they want. No matter what wrong doing they committed, it is always the driver’s fault. All these are built on the government’s protective policy. The same situation apply to the OAS and poverty benefit. I am not saying all these benefit are not needed, but we should promote these in a way that people understand their well being is still they own responsibility, not the society’s. If everyone learn to take care of themselves, the social problems are going to reduce and it is going to be less of a burden to the taxpayers.

If my son is staying at home after he graduated and have no intention to find a job to repay the student loan, I will not save him from default by paying his loan. If he has someone to rely on all the time and have no worries, then he will never learn to take care of his own problems.

Sometimes, the best solution is the least obvious solution. We should plan ahead and prevent problems from happening.

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