Fighting MPAC, File an Appeal with ARB

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If you still haven’t read MPAC – Property Assessment and Tax, MPAC – The Wolf in Red Riding Hood or Fighting Assessment with MPAC, I highly recommend you to read it first.

Filing an Appeal

Filing an Appeal

We talked about how to file the first official complain against MPAC in the last article by sending them a request for reconsideration. The result you get is most likely a reject or they will offer you a minor reduction in assessment. I need to repeat here that if you think the reduction is too low. DO NOT ACCEPT THE OFFER! Once you accepted the offer, it is really difficult to ask them to reduce further later on. In order to get a realistic and fair assessment of your property, you will have to file an appeal with  ARB, Assessment Review Board.

It surely will scare off a lot of people once they know that they need to go to court and attend a hearing. However, what need to be done has to be done. If you are willing to be treated like a piece of cake that anyone can get a slice of you; if you have a lot of extra money you don’t know how to spend, then keep silence and never complain about how expensive your property tax is. Once you started the process, you may even find that it is interesting and it is going to be a good experience to you.

As I mentioned in the last article Fighting Assessment with MPAC, you can file an appeal with ARB right away if the property in question is indeed a commercial property. The deadline is again March 31. For residential properties, you will have to send in the request for reconsideration to MPAC first. Please note that you cannot file an appeal with ARB right away after you send in the request for reconsideration to MPAC. You will have to wait for a reply from MPAC before you can file the appeal. The dealine to file an appeal with ARB is 90 days from the mailing day of MPAC’s request for reconsideration decision.

Unlike request for reconsideration, which is free, you need to pay $75 for residential and $150 for commercial to appeal in ARB. Luckily, there is a $10 discount if you file the appeal online. Here is the link to E file the appeal.

  • Click on Start button
  • Tax Year would be the current year that you want to lower the assessment so that your property tax will be lowered. For example, I will put 2012 as of the time I write this article. (Please note that you will still have to pay for the property tax first to prevent any penalty.)
  • Next
  • Are you filing appeals as a representative? No. Because you are filing this yourself as a owner.
  • Are you choosing someone to represent you? No
  • Next
  • Enter the roll number and choose you are the owner.
  • Proceed to pay.
  • Make sure you keep a copy of the confirm page in your record.

Prepare for the hearing

There are 2 streams of hearing. The direct stream or the case managed stream (Pre hearing stream). The pre hearing stream is better for you, but ARB usually reserve this for the more complicated cases. You will most likely be scheduled with the direct stream.

Before going to the hearing, it is important to prepare for the fight. It is MPAC’s burden to prove that you are wrong. They will hand pick the sale data in their benefit to argue with you. You need to do some homework and hand pick the sale data that is to your benefit and request for information regarding those property from MPAC.

If you just purchased your home, you have a strong case. Consider the following points.

  • it is arms length transaction
  • it is publicly listed on MLS
  • there is no goodwill on the property you purchase they may increase the value

Good luck with the appeal.

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6 Responses to Fighting MPAC, File an Appeal with ARB

  1. blaine cybulski says:

    I won my arb hearing with mpac, 30 days later i received a letter from a toronto law firm saying mpac is not accepting the arb decision. Mpac has the money to hire a law firm in toronto, i do not. This happened after the reginal manager of mpac in my area said they would respect and honour the arb decision. Mpac is a government within a government, what is a taxpayer going to do?

  2. blaine cybulski says:

    Compared to other properties in my area , my assessment was high. I figured $100,000.00 at least. I tried to make a deal with mpac saying, drop my assesment by at least $50,000.00 and we can avoid the arb hearing. Getting mpac out to your property and trying to make a deal is a waste of time. Mpac would not drop a penny. The arb sided with me and dropped my assesment by $107,000.00. Three years later, I,am still fighting with mpac. A message to the taxpayer…the arb hearing is the only defence you have against mpac, and it gets dirty, its time consuming, but mpac does not like these arb hearings, fight them yourself face to face in front of the arb board, dont bring a lawyer, because if you bring one, mpac will bring 10.

  3. albert says:

    Yeah. When you do the request for reconsideration, MPAC do not take you seriously.
    So when arb dropped your assessment by $107,000, did the city refund you the extra property tax?
    This is the first time I heard that MPAC would not honor arb decision. However, it does not surprise me because MPAC is never out of dirty tricks.

  4. How to Appeal Your Property Taxes says:

    This information is magnificent. I am impressed with your writing style and how well you express your thoughts.

  5. Lowering Property Taxes says:

    My heartily thanks for this informative post about this topic .i found many content about this topic but this information is best. Great job cheers!

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